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Subject Pole Mount Kit(universal sonar mount) Date 20-11-04 13:30
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Product Pole Mount Kit(universal sonar mount)
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The Universal Sonar Mount (USM) is designed, prototyped, extensively tested on the water and built to meet the demanding and unpredictable nature of sonar operations. Versatile Z pole design provides precise and easy bolt on/off of flanges for different sensors.
• Adjustable and Repeatable with no need to re-calibrate
• Quick to setup, easy to use
• Safe and Audible release of sensor during collision or snag with submerged hazard
• Pitch, Reach and Depth Adjustable
• Z and/or Yaw adjustment of sonar pole
• Mechanically constrained solutions available with depth indexing, Yaw indexing and tilt indexing
• Vessel of Opportunity kits available
• Custom pelican cases, tool kits and spares kits
• Install any IMU or motion sensor and GPS antenna (single or dual) onto the USM.

The core of the USM design, repeatable and easy to adjust, is patented by USM and allows for: easy setup, versatility, portability, repeatable pole technology, safe operation and efficiency to get a job done so the user can focus on real-time decision making.
• Repeatable Pole Technology gives you quick and precise raising and lowering of sensor
• Quick release handle makes raising/lowering the sonar easy
• All adjustments made inboard
• Extremely rigid
• Calibrated breakaway design keeps assets and crew safe
• Electrically isolated
• Raise the sonar Fore or Aft
• No Davit for raising sonar needed when using integrated worm gear drive
• Flange adapter for any sensor
• Our fixed plate can be welded, bolted or clamped onto your vessel.
• US Patent #8,094,520B2

Universal Sonar Mount is great for permanent installations, for moving from vessel to vessel and for vessel of opportunity expeditions; we have you covered. Expert vessel configuration consultation services, on-site boat support, custom install fabrication and hardware/software integration services available. Currently USM is developing our newest edition to the USM family, a bow/stern mount with all the same functionality as the standard USM.
For easy setup on vessels of opportunity we have options for installing any motion sensor or GPS antenna (single or dual) onto the USM. Fixed plate and base plate design make removing and installing USM easy and precise with no need to recalibrate. Fixed plate and base plate design allows for easy transfer of USM between vessels. The fixed plate can be welded, bolted or clamped onto vessel. Sonar pole is made in standard single piece lengths, 4.5" OD 1/2" wall and 4" OD 3/8 wall and two-piece lengths. We now also offer a bolt-on stainless steel foil in 2' sections and an extruded aluminum foil pole for ultimate performance.

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