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Subject Surface Drone(USV) Date 22-05-15 19:35
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Product Surface Drone(USV)
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Multipurpose unmanned surface drone platform for missions at sea.

A. Hull
- Weight less than 30kg
- Size 1.5×1.2×1.0 m or less
* All sensors and Sonar have been installed
* Based on land measurements

B. Thruster
- 2 thrusters(1 each on the catamaran)
- Maximum speed 4 knots or more, Survey speed 1.5~2 knots over
- Powered by battery
- More than 5 hours of driving time

C. Mounting Equipment
Single beam echo sounder
- 200 kHz (0.5~200m) or less, 450 kHz (0.15~100m) or more, two or more frequencies can be used
Side scan sonar
- Maximum frequency 900 kHz or higher
- With CHIRP function
- Supports navigation functions such as radio control and autopilot
- More than 1.0 km of adjustment distance

D. Program and data processing
- Provision of data acquisition and processing software
- Real-time storage and confirmation of side scan sonar and single beam echo sounder data
- Provides a program that can display data processing and mapping results


Surface Drone
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